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Young Israel of Riverdale - Welcome

Weekly Zmanim: - 11/23/14

Sunday & legal holidays - 7:30AM 8:15AM
Monday, Thursday- 6:30AM 7:20AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:40AM 7:30AM
Mincha and First Maariv: - 4:20PM
Second Maariv: - Everyday at 8:00PM
Third Maariv: - Everyday at 9:05PM

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Shabbos Parashas Toldot - Shabbos Mevorechim

Friday - 11/21/14:

Candle Lighting: 4:14PM
Mincha: 4:15PM

Shabbos - 11/22/14:

Shacharit (HashkAMa Minyan): 7:30AM
HashkAMa Kiddush:
- Michael & Miriam Gervis commemorating Miriam yahrtseit for her Mother A'H bo bayom
- Netanel & Audrey Cohen: Kiddush Hodaha

After HashkAMa Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Dr. Y. Fink
Chumash Shiur: Rabbi Katzenstein

Shacharit (Main Minyan): 8:30AM

After Main Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Mr. Daniel Retter

To sponsor the kiddush please contact Danny Ellen

Youth Program:

There will be regular Groups downstairs for children beginning at approximately 9:45AM Shabbos morning.

Pirchei and Bnos (for boys and girls 6+) will begin this week at 3:30PM and will continue until 4:30PM If children are not staying in shul for Mincha and/or are not allowed to walk home on their own, parents are asked to please pick up their children downstairs at 4:30PM.

Avos u'Banim - The learning, pizza, and prizes begins one hour after Shabbos!
Join us for learning, pizza, raffles and prizes on Motzei Shabbos throughout the winter! The learning begins in the shul one hour after Shabbos is over.
Pizza the first week was generously sponsored by the Ellen family, and last week by the Weinroth Family. We thank them for both sponsoring and going out of their way to pick it up at the last minute. This weeks pizza is sponsored by the Samson family.
Sponsorship for pizza for a week is $75. We will be"H hang a sign where people can fill in if they want to sponsor pizza for a certain week for a special occasion or for no reason at all, but if you already know a week you would like to sponsor, please email to hold the spot.
Looking forward to learning together!

Sunday 11/23/14 Youth Events For more Details Click Here

Shabbos afternoon:

Rabbi Shiur:: 3:05PM
Mincha: 4:05PM
Maariv: 5:15PM