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Young Israel of Riverdale - Welcome

Weekly Zmanim: - 01/25/15

Sunday & legal holidays - 7:30AM 8:15AM
Monday, Thursday - 6:30AM 7:20AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:40AM 7:30AM
Mincha and First Maariv: - 4:50PM
Second Maariv: - Monday through Thursday - 8:00PM
Third Maariv: - Everyday at 9:05PM

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Shabbos Parashas Bo

Friday - 01/23/15:

Candle Lighting: 4:43PM
Mincha: 4:45PM

Shabbos - 01/24/15:

Shacharit (HashkAMa Minyan): 7:30AM
HashkAMa Kiddush:
- Phil Levin to commemorate yartzeit of his father Yosef ben Moshe Tzvi HaLevi
- James Garfinkel to commemorate the yartzeit of his brother, Dovid ben Beryl .

After HashkAMa Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Dr. Y. Fink
Chumash Shiur: TBA

Shacharit (Main Minyan): 8:30AM

After Main Minyan Shiurim:
Daf Yomi Shiur: Mr. Daniel Retter

To sponsor the kiddush please contact Danny Ellen

Youth Program:

The schedule for the youth this Shabbos, Parshas Bo, is as follows:

Morning Groups: There will be groups downstairs for girls with Ruchoma Kaganoff beginning at approximately 9:45 AM Shabbos morning. There will be no boys groups this Shabbos. Reminder: Shabbos morning groups for boys and girls is exclusively for children up to and including the fourth grade.

Bnos - There will be no Bnos this week

Avos u'Banim - Join us Motzei Shabbos at 6:50PM in the shul for some learning - followed by pizza, raffles and prizes! Please speak to Danny Ellen if you are interested in sponsoring the pizza.

Sunday Morning Girls Art and Girls Dance will not be meeting this Sunday. If you have not sent in your payment for either program, please remember to send it in.

Save the Date: Shabbos afternoon, Parshas B'Shalach January 31 we will be having a brachos party in honor of tu b'shvat. This is a wonderful opportunity to harness the power of hundreds of brachos and amens made by tinokos shel beis raban. Sponsorship opportunities are available for anyone interested. Please email us at for more information.

Shabbos afternoon:

Rabbi Shiur:: 3:35PM
Mincha: 4:35PM
Maariv: 5:50PM

Motzei Shabbos 01/24/15:

Rabbi Willig Shiur: 7:30PM
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